There is a shadow of doubt when we venture into the food scene + make decisions based on health. We need to understand the nature of food + it’s point of view. We also need to understand the pursuit of health. We wonder into the unknown here + we must question, everything. Under the skin of the food industry is an absolute disgrace. We are exposed more than ever before to toxic chemicals, pesticides + more common than not, products you do not want inside your body. What does this affect? Your mood, your passion for life, your health, productivity, cognitive function + the pursuit of happiness. We are rather curious human beings these days + we follow along the food trends, the superfood products, the body enhancers + the darn right, cold hard truth is; eat with care.

What sort of capacity do you desire to understand here? Where do you give value, with food? Where do you give care, with food? What matters?

The understanding that nature is exactly what it is indented to be, is today, sadly, taken for granted. To find an apple that gives you the good feels of a good apple, can today, often be rare. We all know this as we walk the streets, talking about the apples from our childhood. We know this, as we bite into the apple straight from a tree. The conclusion here is; where possible, and always as you can, eat organic fruit + vegetables.

The next phase out there, is the packaged goods. Which, the conclusion already states, why are we needing to package these goods in the ways that we humans are deciding to package these goods. The plastic is phenomenal + devastating. Second to this, what ingredients are within those packages. Are they from organic farms? Are they with a ray of sunshine, that is truly for the greater goodness of your body being with health. The understanding, that all we need is within nature, truly calls on the packaged industry to be exposed for the harm that is entering those products. If you are of the health + greater good consciousness, then you will understand the context of this + granted here, that you have explored + exposed this for yourself. We are truly within a battlefield of food products; that should not be given a green tick for human consumption.

So come what may, and head into the restaurants + cafes. We have little to be ashamed of if we decide to say no for anything that is placed on a plate before us. We also, love this beautiful experience of dinning with service, with care. There are exceptional places to go to eat + we are truly blessed beyond with the choice. There is also the question of what oil are they cooking this food with, where are they purchasing their vegetables, what sort of product life span do they place on the food before service + where, oh where, is the care. Does cooking with care, with love matter? Can you understand the relative importance of the stress on the service team, or the care given throughout the entire process of paddock to plate. Where are we headed with this. And will the dreamers with the visions for food with care, please stand up. It matters, and the growth towards this will be incredible.

We can also venture sideways into the beautiful humans out here, growing produce, their very own fruits + vegetables. This is truly a class act in the relevance of how insanely processed the products are out there. Here, we must be aware, that your seeds matter + your soil matters. Level up, grow with care.

Can we be with relevance + with care. Can we go exploring + be with food, with care? Does it matter?