There is love down empty sidewalks, love down empty streets, there is love in odd places + fancy places. There is love for shoes, for chocolates, for the gather together of the tribe. There is love in our homes, our families. We gather with the knowing that, where we reside, there is a form of love. Love for where we give our time, our values. Do we love what we do? Where we value? Do we care for love? Is this a storyline of a need for love? A gather with care, for self love? Do we understand the courage to speak with care, love with care. And, are we truly on a essence of love + joy + peace. How do we know? Do we care? Is there a way to gather with change, to question the values? To question, the care?

And what is it, by this statement. To love with care. To move with care. Play with care. Are we with intention, as we move, as we play. Are we there, truly? Do you feel a freedom in the moment you are within? A relaxed posed of trust, of sincere authentic connection with the moment you are within. Is there distraction pulling you away. Is there the need to do more, see more. Is there the worry or the doubt. Are we losing our way with technology + time. Are we more connected to a screen than we are to the gather together connection. Do we value our happiness, the strive for success? Well then, what would happiness look like, what could it be, the potential here? And, as for the success, the answer is yours, decide with inner reflection, inner care.

For the answers out there, that have been placed with fear. Are a delusion to the safe paradox. To be with the words of the fear, is to be hiding + to be laced with self doubt; is not love. Do you know how to answer your own questions? To voice a truth, that is yours. To live + be, as your truth?