Where do your prayers go? Way up there, into the night sky. Way up there, to the heavens. Way up there, to bring you clarity, to bring you joy? What are we searching for, with our prayer. Do we pray for peace? Do we ask the question of healthy communication? Of communication with others? Of prayer with our higher self? Do we understand the nature of connection? The vibration of communication?

Our thoughts matter. Our beliefs matter. Where do we connect with ourselves? How do we communicate to ourselves. Are we connecting with others, with communication, with care?

Do we pray for the happy days. The freedom days. The nature of the nurture with our days. For care in our days. For the choice to choose where we give our power? For the communication that is with value, with commitment. Do we understand the nature of our own voice? The power within the truth of words we speak. Do we come from heart?

Listen to your heart speak. Pray with intention. Pray with peace, with love, with care.