To be within a process of change + to be with the lasting long term commitments. There must be a connection with self trust + a connection with self worth to continue in the unfolding of the change. Change can allow for shifts you are not expecting, being open to the unfolding + participating in the unknown, is a well known part of this; this is the change. There is a greatness to understanding the power of food, the power of prayer + the power of love. We are truly here to inspire this change ahead; and to live with self integrity.

To connect with self integrity, there is a phase of understanding what you do not need, what you do not resonate with; then, from here; the connection to grow with where you feel aligns. With food, with prayer + with love; this is a long story, we have all experienced different phases of eating, of communicating + within different relationships. As the food industry has taken a serious growth period, the power of the food you are eating is under question. There are many differing aspects to this + the change process is within + can be, deeply personal. To pray, a connection